Websense Proxy ICAP Intergration

=== Applies To ===

  • Linux OS
  • DLP Enforce 11.6.1
  • Websense Web Security 7.7.0

=== Problem Summary ===
Customer wants to integrate Prevent for Web with Websense. Tested on Websense Web Security version 7.7.0 and supported on Websense proxy servers:

  • Websense Appliance V5000, V10000, with Websense Web Security version 7.6.0


  • Does not support redaction.
  • Only supports "Block HTTP/HTTPS".
  • RESPMOD is not supported.

=== Solution ===
Customer has to configure Websense appropriately to send traffic to DLP Prevent web.
Please use link to Websense DLP integration document.
Key steps on Websense:

  1. ICAP Server URL has to use REQMOD (Request Mode)
    ie: icap://DLP_PREWEB:1344/REQMOD
  2. For SSL content evaluation: "Analyze HTTPS Content" must be enabled. Websense must be running SSL Manager to send HTTPS traffic to the DLP server.

Key steps on DLP Prevent Web:

  1. Use the "Request Filtering/Response Filtering", Ignore Requests Smaller Than = 512 Bytes
  2. Configure a Policy Group for testing to just the Prevent for Web servers.
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