IDACT 2.0-9 and 1.7-6 released

September 17, 2015

INSIGHT DLP is pleased to announce the immediate release of IDACT (INSIGHT DLP Appliance Control Tools) version 1.7-6 and 2.0-9. This release provides several bug fixes along with the support of Symantec DLP 14.0.0 and Oracle on all INSIGHT DLP Appliances.

Users already on 1.7.0 or better can automatically update to the newest release. Users not yet on 1.7.x are encouraged to open a support request to have their INSIGHT DLP Appliances upgraded.

NOTE: This will NOT upgrade your DLP release. This will update the underlying OS and IDACT software. Instructions for updating Symantec DLP on the INSIGHT Appliance are available documentation portion of this site. If you would like assistance with a Symantec DLP upgrade, please contact our professional services division:

The support matrix for the Appliance and Symantec DLP has been updated and posted to the documents section as well. Please check this file before performing any DLP upgrades as an upgrade to an unsupported DLP version may invalidate your support agreement.

Upgrade IDACT version 2.0.x and higher
This will update the Appliance, Enforce, and all running Linux
detection servers on the Appliance. Log in to each INSIGHT DLP Appliance web interfaces and click the update button. Alternatively SSH to each INSIGHT DLP Appliance and issue the following command:


Upgrade IDACT version 1.7.x and higher
Log in to each INSIGHT DLP Appliance and DLP server via SSH and issue the following command:

sudo yum update

Version 1.6.2 and lower
You will need to open a support case with INSIGHT DLP to have an engineer assist you with updating the Appliance and DLP servers. At this time we would recommend having Support upgrade your Appliances to the latest IDACT version.

Obtaining Support
If you require technical assistance with this issue, have any questions, or require further information, please contact the INSIGHT Support Team at


INSIGHT Support Team

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