Using the DB Space Reclamation Utility on INSIGHT Appliance Enforce/Oracle

Often it may be recommended to reclaim space after a large number of incidents have been deleted from SDLP Enforce or when the DB has grown over time and need to recover its white space. Below are the steps to follow when reclaiming space on INSIGHT Appliances.

Currently the built in reclaim scripts are for Oracle 11g only.

Please find Oracle 12c reclaim script attached, you may extract it to /tmp and run from /tmp using same steps below.


Please complete these Symantec DLP article before starting:


Refer to:



Please apply DLP_lobspace_mgmt_b.pls from the zip file attached (, then run the reclaim before upgrading to 12c.


1. SSH to Enforce server and navigate to the location of the DLP_lobspace_reclaim.sql

SSH as appuser

sudo su - protect

cd /opt/SymantecDLP/Protect/install/sql


cd /opt/Symantec/DataLossPrevention/Enforce\ Server/15.1/Protect/install/sql





2. View oracle size data before reclaming

vi /var/log/SymantecDLP/INSIGHT/size.txt.<YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM>

vi /var/log/SymantecDLP/INSIGHT/size.txt.2018-03-08-10\:00


3. connect to database

sqlplus /nolog

connect sys as sysdba



4. Run reclaim script




5. Review output file /opt/SymantecDLP/Protect/install/sql/lobspace_reclamation.txt

vi /opt/SymantecDLP/Protect/install/sql/lobspace_reclamation.txt

To exit vi:



6. Restart Enforce

as appuser

sudo shutdown -r now


7. After reboot check oracle size data before reclaiming

vi /var/log/SymantecDLP/INSIGHT/size.txt.<YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM>

vi /var/log/SymantecDLP/INSIGHT/size.txt.2018-03-08-10\:00


Note: If the database space reclamation utility returns any invalid objects, you must
recompile your database using the utlirp and package provided by Oracle. You
can find the utlirp package in ORACLE_HOME/RDBMS/ADMIN. If you see any other
errors in the logs, contact Symantec Support and provide them a copy of the
lobspace_reclamation.log file.




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