Check RAID Array (with Video)

It has been identified that sometimes when a disk fails in the RAID array it may be required to verify this.


Below is an overview video:

1. Connect local or remote console( KVM VGA+USB Keyboard)

2. Restart the server


3. During the boot process you will be prompted to issue Control+R to boot into the RAID Console


4. Access the RAID Console and locate the failed or failing disk

**Use the arrow keys (down and right to expand) on your keyboard to navigate this menu

**Use control+N to go to next page, and control+P to go to previous page



5. Take picture and document the disk in question and send information to INSIGHT Support team for further assistance.

6. If a new disk is sent and replaced the server should automatically start rebuilding the array it belongs to on its own. This may take a few hours. Please allow for sometime for this to complete.



Beep Code:


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