DLP Servers not resolving server names

=== Applies To ===

  • Linux OS

=== Problem Summary ===
After installing SharePoint .wsp file on the SharePoint server, DLP Discover server shows the below error when attempting to scan SharePoint:

ERROR: Failed to read <SharePoint_site_URL>; error: Failed to initialize scan for content root <SharePoint_site_URL>. Reason: Unable to resolve <SharePoint_site_URL>. Verify if the host name is valid.

=== Solution ===
Update resolve.conf
Steps for Linux Enforce server and all detection servers:

  1. SSH to Enforce/Detection server(s), login as appuser and update resolv.conf:
    sudo vi /etc/resolv.conf
  2. Verify nameserver entries point to valid DNS servers. Add multiple lines for more DNS servers
  3. Add in a search line. This will allow you to use short names instead of FQDNs within DLP.
    search mycompany.com
  4. Save the file and exit
  5. Restart network services
    sudo service network restart
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