Email Prevent causing emails to queued in Exchange

=== Applies To ===

  • Linux OS
  • DLP Enforce

=== Problem Summary ===
DLP Email Prevent server seems to be causing Exchange email queue to rise, then after some time the emails are processed. 

=== Solution ===
Email Prevent configuration changes required when emails are being queued in Exchange:

  1. Increase Java Heap
    # Initial Java Heap Size (in MB) = 128 to = 512 = 512 to = 1024
  2. Increase both Prevent Emails: Maximum number of connections
    Maximum number of connections = 12
    Changed to
    Maximum number of connections = 24
  3. Review Exchange configurations
    Configure a maximum file size attachment policy on Exchange to stop large files from being emailed. Lower than 30 MB per message is preferred. 
  4. Verify exchange connector to DLP Prevent Email is correct and enabled.
  5. Verify queue is processing in a timely manner after increase of Prevent Email: Maximum number of connections to 24.
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