yum and wget error - Issued certificate has expired

Oct 21th, 2021

The Infolock INSIGHT Appliance team will like to notify all customers of some possible changes to the INSIGHT Appliance repository servers. The change is with the SSL/HTTPS certificate. The certificates were recently updated thus some customers may receive an error such as "Issued certificate has expired" when trying to connect using yum and or wget command.


If you receive this error for yum, please do the following:

Change repository pointer files to use HTTP until the next IDACT update has been completed by you and your team. After the next IDACT update you can revert the repository pointer files back to HTTPS.




If you receive an error for wget, please do the following:

Simply add "--no-check-certificate" at the end of your wget command. See below example

wget -P /tmp/ https://repo.insightdlp.com/Oracle19c/Oracle_19c_CPU2021APR_Lin64.zip --no-check-certificate

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