INSIGHT Support Advisory: Symantec DLP 15.7 EOS on December 2022

April 15, 2022

RE: Symantec DLP 15.7 EOS on December 2022


Dear INSIGHT Appliance Customer:


As you may be aware, on December 30th, 2022, Broadcom/Symantec plan to end support/service for Symantec Data Loss Prevention (SDLP) version 15.7 software. End of Service (EOS) refers to the discontinuation of a specific product version or release, hereinafter referred to as "version".


EOS for a product version occurs when no future development, engineering, or Support will be provided. A more current version of the product itself will continue to be supported and customers are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version available in order to receive improvements and fixes. 


More details can be found in the following articles:


Additional details from Broadcom's SDLP team:

  1. Broadcom always supports at least 2 versions of software. General Availability (GA) and GA -1 versions.
  2. Currently: GA = 15.8 and -1 = 15.7.
  3. Additionally, support for GA -2 will end 6 months after the current GA release.
  4. Example Table:



EOS Status






EOS 6 months after next GA release



EOS 6 months after current GA release


Below are the details on affected INSIGHT Appliance customers:

IDACT v3.x:

Customers on SDLP 15.7.x and older.

Must upgrade to latest certified version of SDLP (15.8.x).


IDACT v2.x:

Customers on SDLP 15.7.x and older.

IDACT v2.x customers must upgrade/migrate(Hardware side-by-side) to IDACT v3.x hardware, which supports SDLP 15.8.x. Please contact your Infolock Sales Representative for more details.


The Infolock INSIGHT Support Team is aware of this change and can provide assistance upgrade assistance to customers in accordance with the terms of their current INSIGHT Support Agreement.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Infolock INSIGHT Support Team.


Thank you,



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