How to open a new INSIGHT Support case

This article describes the process for opening an INSIGHT Support case.

OPTIONAL: Prior to opening a new INSIGHT Support case, you can create an INSIGHT Support account and sign into the INSIGHT Support portal using this link:



NOT SIGNED IN USERS: can open cases, but can not review cases or download case files, as this requires INSIGHT Support portal access.

SIGNED IN USERS: can open cases, view and manage cases via the INSIGHT Support portal access.




New Case Creation

  1. Customer opens case via:


    1. logs in to Support Portal:
    2. Click "Submit a request"
    3. Complete the form making sure to include all required fields:


B. Direct Email

  1. Email to or


C. Direct Phone Call

  1. Via phone call to 1-844-697-5571


Case Priority/Severity


High / Severity Level 1 (Must call in)

Means a Problem has occurred where no Workaround is immediately available in one of the following situations: (i) your production server or other mission critical system is down or has had a substantial loss of service; or (ii) a substantial portion of your mission critical data is at a significant risk of loss or corruption.

within 60 minutes

Normal / Severity Level 2

a.       A Problem has occurred where a major functionality is severely impaired. Your operations can continue in a restricted fashion, although long-term productivity might be adversely affected.


b.       A Problem has occurred with a limited adverse effect on your business operations.


c.       Problem where your business operations have not been adversely affected

A suggestion for new features or an enhancement regarding the Software

within 12 hours

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